There is More to Balance Than Not Falling Over

Whole You Acupuncture and Health Consulting offers a holistic approach to your health that promotes balance and wellness.  Dr Heidi Eimermann feels strongly that healthcare practitioners need to listen to their clients and work with them, through encouragement and education, to achieve their optimal health.

Balanced Zen
Dr Heidi Eimermann

About Dr Heidi Eimermann

I was a Family Medicine physician in Madison for 20 years. During that time I became increasingly frustrated with the traditional medical system. I didn’t have the time or support to help my patients achieve true health and well-being. 

Having always had an interest in complementary therapies, I decided to pursue acupuncture training. Now I can take my years of Western medical experience and blend it with the two thousand year old practice of acupuncture.

My goal is to engage the client in attaining a state of whole body wellness, as defined by them. We begin with a comprehensive medical review, designed to understand your unique physiologic make up.  An individualized treatment program will be created which can include acupuncture and lifestyle recommendations.